Chillies to alleviate colds – lemon balm for headaches – parsley for eczema – Kitchen Pharmacy contains everything you need to know for good health nature’s way. Bestselling author and vegetarian guru Rose Elliot provides a wide selection of recipes made from natural resources – to eat and enjoy, to drink, to soothe in the bath, to improve hair and skin quality, and for massage.

Kitchen Pharmacy considers every common ailment, and describes the therapeutic value of common vegetables, fruits, flowers, spices and grains found in most households. It also shows how different cultures use different ingredients in creating teas, broths, fruit juices and essential oils.

From arthritis to varicose veins, colds to weight loss, Kitchen Pharmacy provides all the information you need in this inspirational manual of natural healing. Why not try the fresh, colourful aNd sumptuous Fruit Salad in Mango Sauce in the Recipes section. 

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