The first edition of this book was published as Rose Elliot's Vegetarian Baby Book by The Vegetarian Society, in 1982. Since then, it has been expanded, rewritten and revised many times, proof of its enduring popularity. It contains all the information you need for a healthy vegetarian or vegan pregnancy and for raising happy vegetarian and vegan babies.
The latest edition is an attractive big-flap paperback with stunning photographs of babies and toddlers.
Rose says: 'Of all the books I’ve written I’ve had the most letters from readers of these books – and they’ve often enclosed charming photos of the babies involved. It's always a special pleasure when I meet the vegetarian "babies" who have been raised on this book.'

A favourite dish from this book is the Easy Lentil Roast in the Recipes section – a simple, tasty and nutritious dish that young children and grown-ups alike love.  

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