Bored with vegetarian standbys like nut roast? Stuck for an exciting main course for a dinner party? Want to shed that extra weight but still eat delicious, nutritious meals? Can’t face putting another uninspiring veggie kebab on the barbecue?
Rose Elliot, Vegetarian Supercook, dreams up dinner party menus to dazzle, provides fresh, flavour-filled ideas for weekday meals, creates mouthwatering low-fat dishes, and brings you irresistible recipe ideas from all over the world.

With quick tips and friendly advice throughout, whatever you cook is guaranteed to be a success!

Rose says: 'When people ask me to suggest a good book for new vegetarians, I think this is it. We took a straw poll to find out what vegetarians wanted to know – and this book was the result, with sections answering all the big questions people ask: "What about Entertaining? Celebrations? When there’s no time to cook? Eating outside? Slimming? Food with an original twist?"

The recipes are straightforward but exciting, the pictures are beautiful and the results taste stunning. For a taster, try: Red Pepper Hummus with Smoked PaprikaCheese and Sun-Blush Tomato MuffinsGreen Risotto with Spinach, Peas, Herbs and Runner BeansSizzling Tofu Stir-Fry; and the gorgeous Vanilla-Poached Figs in the Recipes section.'

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