Astrology & Mindfulness, Rose Elliot

Astrology & Mindfulness


Astrology is a fascinating subject. Both a science and an art, it has evolved through centuries of observation of the effects of the planets as they move across the starry band of sky known as the zodiac.

Modern astrologers have further developed and refined this knowledge to build an understanding that is consistent, accurate and revealing.

We do not know how astrology works; we just know that it does, and that it is an extremely useful tool that can be applied to many areas of life bringing clarity, information and insight.

On this section of my website you can learn more about what astrology is, why it’s so helpful and how I got involved with it and why I’m so passionate about it. There is also a section on my book, Life Cycles, which explains how the cycles of the planets affect the rhythm of our daily lives.


Mindfulness is a word much-used but not always understood. It means paying non-judgemental attention to our present thoughts and feelings, and studies have shown that practising mindfulness can help in managing stress, anxiety and depression.

In my little book EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE I have explained the simple process of mindfulness based on your breath. This was first taught by the Buddha 3000 years ago, but is not tied to any particular religion: if you can breathe, you can be mindful, and if you are mindful, you can heal and transform your life. 

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