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What is Astrology?

Written in the Stars

Astrology is one of the most ancient sciences. It is based on observation of the planets in the sky and of human nature. Over thousands of years man has noticed that each planet has a unique influence on our lives and personalities, and that as the planets move around the zodiac these influences change. The pattern of planets at the moment of birth, our horoscope, affects us at a deep level. It is as if, when we take our first breath, we record the energy of that moment in our memory. We then use that memory to build our personalities, the ways we react to the world.

It may seem strange that our lives can be affected like this. But at a physical level nothing is solid or static. Our bodies are formed of energy, making constantly changing patterns, held together by invisible forces of great power, the forms controlled by the DNA patterns in our genes. Nothing is fixed, we exist moment by moment as energy scintillating and whirling in a cosmic dance.

Astrology works at even less tangible levels than the physical, for it affects our psyche. It shows our emotions, feelings, moods, mental powers, life energy and instinctive reactions. It shows whether we are fiery or placid, emotional or practical, warm or cool, independent or family-minded, ambitious or easy-going.

It can seem incredible that lumps of matter in the sky should affect us, but when the interpretation of the birth chart is done well it can provide amazing and fascinating insight into why things are as they are. A personal birth chart, for instance, will show and explain our confusing contradictions, inner conflicts, odd quirks, hidden talents and the way we relate to other people. Knowing what is shown in our birth chart helps us to accept ourselves as we are: it’s wonderfully liberating and empowering.

In fact astrology is an exceptionally helpful tool for self-awareness and self-discovery that can bring us greater understanding of all aspects of our life. It is also extremely valuable as a basis for counselling, enabling the practitioner to get to the heart of the matter and see the challenges so clearly. We have often prepared personality profiles for counsellors and psychiatrists to use in their work with clients. One told us that the horoscope showed what it would take months of sessions to uncover.

Astrology is also helpful for timing. As the planets continue to move in the sky, they cross areas corresponding to sensitive points in our birth chart, coinciding with crucial times in our life. Awareness of these can be so helpful in making the most of opportunities or having the patience to wait for the right moment.

If astrology can give such accurate guidance you might wonder where freewill comes in. Understanding what is shown in our birth chart can help us to make wise choices; but it does not make us do anything, just as looking at our route on a map does not force us to follow it. We always have choice.

We don’t know how or why astrology works, any more than we know how the universe expanded from a speck smaller than a pea to the vast size it is today. However, science is based on observation, and I know from my experience with thousands of charts and that astrology certainly does work, and that it can be extremely helpful. 

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